Bottles/Balls: Skittles!

What about using empty bottles as skittles and rolled up socks as balls 🙂 For older children you can add in the matching element, putting a coloured sock over a bottle and then trying to knock it down with the matching sock ball! Have fun!

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Bottles: Bubbles!

Here’s a handy way to make use of an empty plastic bottle. Turn it into a bubble maker!

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Bottles: Making a Shaker through Sensory Play

Make your own shaker using dry food from your cupboards! Jess is using a tray filled with pasta, rice and oats – she is pouring, mixing, filling, using a spoon and making some noise! Practise fine motor skills and problem solving whilst making this wonderful musical instrument!

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Bottles: Shake And Shake Song

Here’s a song to sing with your homemade shakers (you can find a tutorial in the bottles section of our play ideas)!

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