Exploring Emotions

Exploring Emotions: Body Language

Our body language is just as or even more important than our words. Here’s a game you can play with your toddler – it enables you to have a more complex conversation about feelings.

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Exploring Emotions: Eggpressions!

Snack time is a great time to have a chat.. about feelings! Try some eggspresions! 😲 How are you feeling today?

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Exploring Emotions: Song Time! “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Here’s another one of our favourite songs: “If You’re Happy and You Know It” performed by the Hackney Playbus team and their little guests! Join us!

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Exploring Emotions: Story Time! “In My Heart – A Book of Feelings”

What a lovely book “In My Heart – A Book of Feelings” (by Jo Witek) is! Here’s the Hackney Playbus team.. showing you how their hearts are feeling!

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Exploring Emotions: Worry Dolls

Learn how to make your own worry dolls; they are handmade dolls that originate from Guatemala. The legend says that children tell the dolls their worries, place them under their pillow at night and they would learn how to eliminate their worries by morning. Magic?

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Reading for Emotions

Apart from stimulating their imagination, reading with your child helps them learn about their emotions, how they feel, and create a vocabulary that aids expressing these emotions. Grab your books and get cosy!

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