Home Made Shoes

Using egg cartons and and a pair of shoelaces, here’s a pair of “shoes” that can help master the fine art of shoe-tying and strengthen your child’s concentration ability!

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String Art

What a simple yet very inspiring idea, which helps build up those fine motor skills and learn about shapes and sizes, .. also making some really nice works of art!

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String Balls

Check these amazing string balls! This may be a little messy, but how satisfying it must be to pop that balloon! Follow Simona’s instructions and try them out!

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String Painting

Here’s our very special helper taking you through her very simple and lovely string painting technique!

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Threading with Strings and Shoelaces

There are a lot of threading opportunities using objects around the house. In this video we are using string, colanders and pasta and they could keep toddlers busy for a good while!

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