Ball Roll

Rolly polly fun using a sheet and a ball! Toddlers will love this!

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Balls: Roll the Ball 1 2 3 song

Claire and Clover are singing and playing with a homemade ball (which you can find a tutorial for among the videos on this page). A simple, catchy song, that involves some physical activity and also contains some maths!

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Balls: Yoghurt Pots

A little play at home inspiration for our Playbus friends using some yogurt pots! Feel free to make your own rules!

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Bottles/Balls: Skittles!

What about using empty bottles as skittles and rolled up socks as balls 🙂 For older children you can add in the matching element, putting a coloured sock over a bottle and then trying to knock it down with the matching sock ball! Have fun!

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Make your own homemade balls!

Toddlers and babies love to roll, throw and push balls, but not every household has a shed full of balls to play with. Here are a few ideas for ways you can make some balls at home using shopping bags, scarves, scrunched up paper, or lots and lots of socks! Good thing about these balls is they’re all pretty light too!

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